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Who We Are

THE BRIDGE AND TUNNEL is an art gallery located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York. Founded in 2019, we represent contemporary emerging and mid-career artists around the world who consistently push the limits of imagination through a variety of mediums —including painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, music, and performance. In addition to the gallery’s dynamic schedule, we hold an ongoing series of art talks with artists for in-depth discussions about their work.

B&T also welcomes independent guest curators to present various exhibitions. 

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The Bridge and Tunnel builds multidisciplinary pathways among creatives from historically underrepresented groups and the public to amplify their voices and strengthen the community.


The Bridge and Tunnel provides thinkers and makers with space and tools they need to get inspired, create, and reach their audience. We connect different communities through the artists who amplify their voices. 


The Bridge and Tunnel gathers people, ideas, and curated offerings. We forge links among independent thinkers, makers and their public. We value transparency, critical creativity, and integrity. We believe in protecting human rights and the environment. We delight in the power of community, and inspiring one another. We build and repeat.